6 Top Skin Care ALL IN ONE
Dreamy Moisture Gel

To remain positive in the busy life, the dazzling women who is not limited by the age trap is getting more nowadays. To face each day with a positive attitude, the key point is to have “a healthy and moisturizing skin”.

Because of that, Shinnihonseiyaku continuously makes research, reconsidering what it is that so vital to skin? And the conclusion is, “we only delve into something that’s necessary.” In fact, there are a lot of skin-care product options out there, however we only extract the essence.

That is the wisdom and technique of Shinnihonseiyaku and its crystallization “PERFECT ONE Moisture Gel”, which only extract the vital essence for every woman.

We take collagen as our priority, to Make full use of the ingredients.

"We only select the necessary ingredients of creating the make-up free beauty skin. We believe it’s very important to make each ingredient plays their own role, and creating their own massive effect. The main consideration is the collagen, which was said to be holding over 7% of the skin area. However, the quantity of the collagen will be reduced with aging.

Therefore, referring to the change of collagen, we develop “Compounding Collagen※5”, which has the ability to change in response to situation, and cooperating with Perfect One Moisture Gel.

Besides, we cultivate the most priceless Chinese herbs in our Research Institute of Medicinal Plant Resources, extracting the essence of ginseng to make the most of it.

And because we only use the essence ingredient to create a massive effect, we can achieve the goal and follow the simplest step for anti-aging skin care. It is considered to be the most difficult task ever※6."

As we age, the moisture retention and the quantity of the collagen in our skin will be reduced, as well as the firmness and the elasticity of our skin. Therefore, Perfect One massively use the dry area, in which the skin surface can be sensed, continuously emanate “Concentrated Moisturizing Collagen※8”, penetrating it into each corner of the Stratum Corneum. To offer strong “Oil Collagen※9” the “Compounding Collagen EX”, which combines with 7 kinds of Collagens. It is not only penetrating moisture※7, but also skin hydration.

The technique of Shinnihonseiyaku 1

Golden Ratio

In order to attain a beautiful skin, we take collagen as our priority. Coordinate with every product attributes, finding the golden ratio in its perfect balance. Therefore we can achieve the goal and follow the simplest step for anti-aging skin care.※6

The technique of Shinnihonseiyaku 2

“Each One Plays Its Proper Role※4”, the power of penetration.

To set “keep it in the layer of skin; penetrate into each corner of the stratum corneum…etc. And transfer the necessary ingredients into the right place.” as a target.

We cultivate the precious Chinese herbs by ourselves, using the essence of Gromwell Root as the ingredient.

In order to pursue customer’s safety and trust, each Chinese herb for product ingredients was all cultivated by our Research Institute of Medicinal Plant Resources since 2006.

We are constantly delving into “Licorice”, which usually use as a medical herb, as well as the essence of “Gromwell Root”, which often use for the reason of cosmetic and dyeing. Cultivate nearly 20 kinds of medical herbs, researching how to create a massive effect on the skin. Our aim is to provide high quality product, therefore we develop and research perseveringly.

※1:It has won the championships of manufacturer market share and brand share for 3 years in a row! (According to the cosmetic market research of Fuji Keizai in 2019, the category of Moisturizer and All-in-one / manufacturer market share and brand share of 2018. ※2:The cumulative sales performance of Perfect one All-in-one Moisture Gel series, from May 2006 to February 2022. (Include the early series of RAffINE). ※3:According to the research of Japan Overseas Planning Center (the sales ranking of skin care product, from Jan – Dec 2015). ※4:Reach the stratum corneum. ※5:as the moisturizing ingredients. ※6:coordinate with skin care of different ages. ※7:Reach the stratum corneum. ※8: moisturizing ingredients. ※9: Instearoyl Hydrolyzed Collagen. (moisturizing ingredients)
The request for quality and trustworthiness

Because of Shinnihonseiyaku, the request of trustworthiness and quality can be attained.

Our mission is to drive technology, leading out the maximal effect of each ingredient. In order to pursue the high quality products development, we are fearless of mistakes and failures, conducting experimental research perseveringly.

The responsible person of the product development

Tomoguchi Kazumitsu